Meet the team.

OunceIT LLC was incorporated in the summer of 2009, although that was just a formality - the company already existed in its philosophy. That philosophy has evolved into our trademark belief that I.T. takes a team, and is central to how we work every day. We believe that if we and our clients take a little time to plan things out and think things through up front, we and they will save much time, money, and frustration in the future. Our philosophy demands creative, collaborative problem solving on a daily basis. Our philosophy, experience, and excellent teamwork are the parts; the whole is an ounce greater than the sum of its parts.

Jeremy Angoff, Co-founder and Co-Managing Director

Since 1998, Jeremy has been working with various businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations, from an educational start-up during the dot-com boom, to a Boston-area independent K-12 school, and then moved on to start his first business, ComputersAnd... LLC, which he incorporated in 2003. ComputersAnd was an IT firm that supported small businesses and schools, and to a large degree evolved into OunceIT. In previous lives, Jeremy has been a teacher, a cook, and a pilot, and now enjoys hiking, running, and his wonderful wife and son. He co-founded OunceIT LLC in 2009 with Ian Hurd, as they together saw the value of a team approach to technology support with a focus on relationships rather than tools.

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After riding the ups and downs of corporate and enterprise IT during the dot-com boom (and bust) — including stints at Deloitte & Touche and — Ian founded iSolve in 2002 with a the credo "Taking care of technology, so you can take care of business." This philosophy continues for OunceIT, as Ian's role is to take care of technology, so our clients can focus on their own business. Ian’s duty with the U.S. Army instilled many values and skills that he continues to utilize on a daily basis. Ian's wonderful family — a wife and two kids — is almost as much of a feature at OunceIT as our staff! When he's got downtime, Ian downloads an audiobook — most often US History.

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Michael Levesque, Team Leader

Michael joined the team in September of 2011, bringing with him new qualities and skills. Michael’s greatest asset is his personality; every client loves him. When he is not addressing tech support issues, teaching classes, helping teachers and students learn valuable technical skills, or supporting a client, a server, or other OunceIT team members, Michael is a musician and an actor (we’ve been to his shows - he’s really good!), a quality that shows in his excellent interpersonal skills. Michael has also recently become a doting dad!

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Rob Smith, Team Leader

Rob joined OunceIT in January of 2013 and immediately became an integral part of the team. His primary role often has him as a tech support “first responder,” but he is so much more. Rob’s been known to stay calm and collected in the most stressful situations, and both our clients and the rest of the OunceIT team appreciate him for that! His background in engineering has helped diversify our team even more, and while he spends most of his time behind the “help desk,” he has taught some incredible classes including a computer aided design and 3D printing class, and as a Team Leader, Rob is proving to be a great mentor to other OunceIT team members. Maybe not so surprisingly, Rob's background in technical theater often shines through — even in IT support.

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Aaron Pereira, Technician

Aaron began working with OunceIT — our first intern — as an undergraduate student at Wentworth Institute of Technology. We found Aaron via WIT’s co-op program, but he stayed on after his co-op ended. As an Intern, Aaron set the bar high, and as a full time employee, he continues to live up to the expectations he set so long ago. Aaron enjoys incorporating technology into everyday life; looking to better day-to-day tasks in the workplace and the classroom. This is why he fits in with OunceIT so well: He is both a people person and a gadget person; always fascinated with new electronics, and driven by a desire to learn how it all works.

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Adam Schorn, Technician

Adam joined OunceIT in the fall of 2013 and brought with him some "genius" skills (a former Apple Genius), an incredible spirit, and a welcoming smile. This combination allowed him to dive in head first and become an invaluable member of the team immediately. When Adam and Jeremy met, they found common ground in the air — Adam is also a pilot. On the job, Adam's IT abilities are undeniable, but the thing OunceIT clients comment on most often is his seemingly unending pool of patience, positivity, and warmth. 

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Brooke Silva, Office Manager

Brooke joined OunceIT in April 2014 and brings with her an extensive background in IT, Operations, Marketing and PR. Having a set of unique skills helps Brooke bring new ways of problem solving (and humor) to OunceIT and our clients. On any given day, Brooke wears multiple hats, and loves digging into all types of projects. Quick with a smile and a laugh, she adores interaction with all of our clients and vendors, and shares the OunceIT philosophy with all she meets.

Scott Lincoln, Technician

Scott joined OunceIT in May of 2015 after 10 years working as an independent IT consultant.  He graduated from New England Institute Of Technology with a network engineering degree and from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in sociology. Scott has developed wide ranging technical and communication skills throughout his career as an independent consultant that benefit OunceIT and its customers on a daily basis. Scott has already proven to be a tremendous addition to the OunceIT team. Get to know him well enough and Scott may tell you about his days as a lobsterman!

Meghan Jones, Technician

A former working archaeologist who was just three courses shy of a double major in Anthropology and Computer Science, Meghan is a great believer in documenting everything, ad nauseum. After leaving the field to stay home and raise two kids (and desperately trying to keep ahead of a techie husband who likes to change network configurations with no warning) nothing much phases her, and she manages to find the strangest solutions to interesting problems. Megh has been playing with computers since the VIC-20 came out, and on the Internet since the days of Her philosophy of tech support is that her job is to keep you doing your job, and there is no such thing as too many backups. She does what it takes to get everything running smoothly.

Harold Ovando, Technician

Harold Joined OunceIT September 2015, bringing with him his love of all things tech. Always on the look out to learn new and exciting technologies, Harold takes pride in his abilities to troubleshoot problems and enjoys to teach out what he knows to others. In his spare time, it's not unheard of to find him screw driver at hand, disassembling something out of curiosity. You may even notice him using the internals of a cell phone — without the exterior!


New year, new team member! 2016 brought with it Derrick, who came to OunceIT after working for several years with at-risk teens in the Department of Youth Services. Derrick brings an uplifting personality and a bottomless well of curiosity to learn something new each day — his genuine love for all things technological is just the icing on the cake. Derrick’s career over the years ha centered around helping people in need and mentoring troubled youth. In his free time you may find Derrick playing basketball (he played College ball in a previous life!), reading a good book, or chatting about video games.

Daniel Facey, Technician

Just as we were getting ready to reinvigorate our Internship program at OunceIT, we received interest from Daniel and our eyes lit up. His technical background includes experience on the BestBuy Geek Squad and providing technical instruction to the elderly at the Wellesley Council on Aging. Daniel is currently studying at Quinsigamond College where he is enrolled in the Engineering and Technology program. The reason that Daniel is such a great fit for OunceIT, however, is that he thinks of himself as a “technology educator” — his job is not just to fix computers, but to teach people to use technology tools more effectively while easing their fear of the technology. In his free time, Daniel enjoys various hobbies including spending time with his family, photography, carpentry, and also supporting his brothers and sisters!


You have a driving interest in I.T. but it is not what defines you. We will be taken by your character and personality when we meet you, and while you have some professional I.T. background, you are looking for a position that will allow you to evolve and for your skills to improve. You have a story; a skill or a passion outside of technology. You are genuinely interested in joining our team. See what positions are available and tell us how you might contribute to the team on our "jobs" page, and then follow the instructions in the job description to apply!