Help Wanted: Technical Support Specialist

About OunceIT

OunceIT recognizes that people struggle with technology and change. In everything we do, we seek to eliminate the frustrations people experience with technology tools so that they may delight in those experiences.

OunceIT employees put people and relationships before tech tools — we are “people” people. Our clients are primarily K-12 independent schools in the Greater Boston and Worcester areas. We also work with many local small to medium size businesses, as well as home clients, who recognize the value in our team approach. While we celebrate each person’s individuality, special skills, and training, everyone at OunceIT is a dynamic generalist who is able to meet the needs of any client at any time. 

Above all else, we believe I.T. Takes a Team.®

About You

You put relationships with people ahead of your interest in technology tools. You love being a friendly and earnest team player with clients as well as colleagues. Your work excites you with constant curiosity as well as knowhow. You attempt to address problems independently and don’t give up easily. 

You embrace that the rest of your team may have more efficient solutions, so you lean on your team when appropriate and share your own strategies regularly. That collaboration is mutual and essential, and you are not afraid to defer to your colleagues.You are passionate about learning and you love encountering new, sometimes unlikely, problems. You persevere through each of these novel events with patience and a smile.

You enjoy teaching people how to use their technology tools more effectively, and you get a rush when a client or teammate teaches YOU something new.

Your occupation is only a part of who you are. You would rather talk about hiking the Appalachian Trail, the 5K you are training for, the engrossing book you are reading, or your passion for music or theater or archeology or aviation or animals or…?.

You know what an IP address is and how to find it on Apple and Windows devices.

You have some experience in tech support. You may have experience as a network technician or server admin, in which case your role on the team may have a greater focus being assigned to projects. You might have some certifications—or maybe none, and aspire to earn them. If you have experience working in an academic setting and enjoyed it, you will enjoy working with our clients.

That all said, your life experience and friendly personality is much more valuable to us than any technical chops you may or may not have. 

About the Position

You will be supporting people and technology in schools, non-profits, start-ups, traditional businesses, and homes who themselves rely on Apple, Windows, handheld devices, home devices, networks, cloud services, and servers.

Many of our clients, as well as ourselves, rely on Google Apps, Office365, Dropbox,, and/or on-premises servers. We support them all. If you do not have experience with a tool, we will teach you. We will occasionally send you to a workshop or class to learn new skills or technologies.

Some days you may work in a suburb, within the IT department at a private K-12 school, where students and teachers bring their questions to you. Other days you may visit a start-up in Seaport Boston to perform system maintenance, and later meet another OunceIT team member at a non-profit outside of Worcester to address an emergency network issue. 

You will often be the first responder for phone calls, emails, and other routine and emergency calls. You will have regular rotations at OunceIT’s help desk, in our cozy office in Wellesley MA.

Compensation for the position is commensurate with your skills and experience. Benefits include generous paid time off, excellent health insurance, matching retirement contributions, and other perks.

Access to a car is a necessity, as you will be driving to clients throughout Greater Boston and the Worcester area throughout the entire workweek. It’s extremely rare to work on weekends, but it does happen occasionally.

If this sounds like your dream job, tell us why we should hire you and a little about your own experience and skills. Please send an inspired and well edited cover letter along with an honest yet flattering résumé or alternative form of compelling application (ex: your LinkedIn profile, your website) to

Résumés submitted without a personalized and thoughtful cover letter will be disregarded. Resumes from recruiters will not be considered. For those out of state: sorry, we cannot pay for relocation costs — but if you are already planning on moving to the area, please  let us know your timeframe.

Equally important to us is what you do outside of work as well as what’s on your résumé. We look forward to hearing about all facets of who you are, and why you think you’d want to work at OunceIT.