Meet the team.

OunceIT LLC was incorporated in the summer of 2009, although that was just a formality - the company already existed in its philosophy. That philosophy has evolved into our trademark belief that I.T. takes a team, and is central to how we work every day. We believe that if we and our clients take a little time to plan things out and think things through up front, we and they will save much time, money, and frustration in the future. Our philosophy demands creative, collaborative problem solving on a daily basis. Our philosophy, experience, and excellent teamwork are the parts; the whole is an ounce greater than the sum of its parts.

Jeremy Angoff, Co-founder and Co-Managing Director

Since 1998, Jeremy has been working with various businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations, from an educational start-up during the dot-com boom, to a Boston-area independent K-12 school, and then moved on to start his first business, ComputersAnd... LLC, which he incorporated in 2003. ComputersAnd was an IT firm that supported small businesses and schools, and to a large degree evolved into OunceIT. In previous lives, Jeremy has been a teacher, a cook, and a pilot, and now enjoys hiking, running, and his wonderful wife and son. He co-founded OunceIT LLC in 2009 with Ian Hurd, as they together saw the value of a team approach to technology support with a focus on relationships rather than tools.

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After riding the ups and downs of corporate and enterprise IT during the dot-com boom (and bust) — including stints at Deloitte & Touche and — Ian founded iSolve in 2002 with the credo "Taking care of technology, so you can take care of business." This philosophy continues for OunceIT, as Ian's role is to take care of technology so our clients can focus on their own business. Ian’s duty with the U.S. Army instilled many values and skills that he continues to utilize on a daily basis. Ian's wonderful family — a wife and two kids — is almost as much of a feature at OunceIT as our staff! When he's got downtime, Ian downloads an audiobook — most often US History.


Michael Levesque, Director, Internal Operations

Michael joined the team in September of 2011, bringing with him new qualities and skills. Michael’s greatest asset is his personality; every client loves him. When he is not addressing tech support issues, teaching classes, helping teachers and students learn valuable technical skills, or supporting a client, a server, or other OunceIT team members, Michael is a musician and an actor (we’ve been to his shows - he’s really good!), a quality that shows in his excellent interpersonal skills. Michael has also recently become a doting dad!

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Rob Smith, Director, Technical Solutions

Rob joined OunceIT in January of 2013 and immediately became an integral part of the team. His primary role often has him as a tech support “first responder,” but he is so much more. Rob’s been known to stay calm and collected in the most stressful situations, and both our clients and the rest of the OunceIT team appreciate him for that! His background in engineering has helped diversify our team even more, and while he spends most of his time behind the “help desk,” he has taught some incredible classes including a computer-aided design and 3D printing class, and Rob is proving to be a great mentor to other OunceIT team members. Maybe not so surprisingly, Rob's background in technical theater often shines through — even in IT support.


Aaron Pereira, Technician

Aaron began working with OunceIT — our first intern — as an undergraduate student at Wentworth Institute of Technology. We found Aaron via WIT’s co-op program, but he stayed on after his co-op ended. As an Intern, Aaron set the bar high, and as a full time employee, he continues to live up to the expectations he set so long ago. Aaron enjoys incorporating technology into everyday life; looking to better day-to-day tasks in the workplace and the classroom. This is why he fits in with OunceIT so well: He is both a people person and a gadget person; always fascinated with new electronics, and driven by a desire to learn how it all works.

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Adam Schorn, Technician

Adam joined OunceIT in the fall of 2013 and brought with him some "genius" skills (a former Apple Genius), an incredible spirit, and a welcoming smile. This combination allowed him to dive in head first and become an invaluable member of the team immediately. When Adam and Jeremy met, they found common ground in the air — Adam is also a pilot. On the job, Adam's IT abilities are undeniable, but the thing OunceIT clients comment on most often is his seemingly unending pool of patience, positivity, and warmth. 

Scott Lincoln, Technician

Scott joined OunceIT in May of 2015 after 10 years working as an independent IT consultant.  He graduated from New England Institute Of Technology with a network engineering degree and from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in sociology. Scott has developed wide ranging technical and communication skills throughout his career as an independent consultant that benefit OunceIT and its customers on a daily basis. Scott has already proven to be a tremendous addition to the OunceIT team. Get to know him well enough and Scott may tell you about his days as a lobsterman!

Harold Ovando, Technician

Harold Joined OunceIT September 2015, bringing with him his love of all things tech. Always on the look out to learn new and exciting technologies, Harold takes pride in his abilities to troubleshoot problems and enjoys to teach out what he knows to others. In his spare time, it's not unheard of to find him screw driver at hand, disassembling something out of curiosity. You may even notice him using the internals of a cell phone — without the exterior!

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Daniel Facey, Technician

Just as we were getting ready to reinvigorate our Internship program at OunceIT, we received interest from Daniel and our eyes lit up. His technical background includes experience on the BestBuy Geek Squad and providing technical instruction to the elderly at the Wellesley Council on Aging. Daniel is currently studying at MassBay College where he is enrolled in the Computer Engineering program. The reason that Daniel is such a great fit for OunceIT, however, is that he thinks of himself as a “technology educator” — his job is not just to fix computers, but to teach people to use technology tools more effectively while easing their fear of the technology. In his free time, Daniel enjoys various hobbies including spending time with his family, photography, rock climbing, and kayaking.


Kevin Castaneda, Technician

Kevin is another “Genius” addition to our team! Before joining the OunceIT family, he worked as an Apple Genius and was part of the Helpdesk team at Weston High School. Kevin has multiple ways to express himself creatively, loves to listen to music, and is passionate about empowering people through the technology they own. He finds inspiration for his art in all avenues of design, architecture, and animation. Kevin is a huge Apple nerd, and deeply intertwined in his home and backpack is a plethora of Apple products. You’ll never see him without a backpack and his iPad Pro, ready to start sketching or troubleshooting! If he’s not behind a computer screen, you can catch him biking around the city on a beautiful day.


Antanas Meilus, Technician

Antanas comes to us with a varied career in customer service, help desk services, arts management, and as a freelance musician. For his undergraduate work he studied to be a classically trained opera singer. In addition to regularly being on the road in New England, he participated in many Boston area premiers as a performer, music director, projection designer, and sound designer. Music is as much a curiosity and passion for him as technology. Much to his wife's dismay he always wants to explore the new and shiny things that pop up in tech. If he's not making music, tinkering with something, or gaming, you'll find him spending time with his wife and young daughter.



Adam joined OunceIT in April, 2018, and brings a unique combination of process, technology, and leadership skills as our Director of Client Operations. Adam’s background spans 20+ years in consulting and business-technology, including nearly seven years in EdTech. With a reputation for creating order in high-velocity environments, Adam brings significant experience with building teams, driving process and operational improvements, and leading technology transformations. Adam’s primary passion is in education, and is thrilled to be offering his skills at OunceIT to delight our clients, improve our services offerings, and support and mentor our team. Outside of work – when not studying for his Masters in Instructional Design & Technology – Adam is a self-described history-buff, an avid scuba diver & kayaker, and lover of all things sci-fi and football (US football that is!). He also enjoys traveling with his wife and three daughters.


Amelia McHugh, Technician

Amelia joins OunceIT after five years at Apple, most recently as a Lead Genius in the greater Boston area. Amelia is most excited to find unique ways that technology can help take people further with their needs and hobbies. She is particularly interested in the intersection of technology and education. Because of this, Amelia hopes to pursue a Master’s in Education after completing her Bachelor’s Degree at Boston University. In her spare time, Amelia enjoys spending time with her two pet rats, Dobby and Winky, training in aerial arts, and exploring new foods.


Justin Redden, Discovery Lead

Justin came to OunceIT after working as the Director of IT of an independent school as well as being an independent IT consultant. He brings expert-level technical knowledge of Mac, Windows, networking databases, cloud service migration, and deployment management. Justin enjoys the challenge of easing workflows and solving complex issues. When not delving into technical projects, Justin enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children, and playing guitar in a couple of local bands covering everything from the Beatles to White Snake.


Brandon Gorski, Technician

Brandon joins OunceIT after 2 years at Apple and some time working in managed IT services. Brandon comes from an Illustration and design background in addition to his technical experience. After earning a degree at Massart in Boston he has been freelancing and working for a non profit, RAW Artworks in his hometown of Lynn, MA. In the past few years Brandon has embraced technology and its uses within art making, especially with Procreate and Adobe Creative Suite. This year marks the second in self-publishing his creator-owned comics using digital platforms as well as physical media. Brandon enjoys walks through nature, reading and hanging with his wife and daughter on weekends.


Mike Delorme, Technician

Mike is yet another “Genius” addition to the team. Joining in March 2019 after working at Apple for 11 years, he brings with him a strong customer focus, technical skills, and deals with ambiguity well. Mike’s grandfather got him started with his first computer at the age of 12 and has been disassembling, fixing, and figuring out how electronic devices work ever since. In his spare time, Mike loves to work on his car, build woodworking projects, and cook up some backyard BBQ. He also loves to see the outdoors whether it is visiting a big city for the first time, catching a Baseball game, or hiking up a mountain.


Michael West, Technician

Mike has worked with technology for over 20 years in the small to midsize business world and joins OunceIT after working as an independent IT consultant. Mike is familiar with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and designing and installing networks. He has the philosophy that there is an answer to every IT issue today and if he doesn't know it, he'll find it. When not working, Mike enjoys camping with his three children, hiking, running, and playing racquetball. He also is an avid sports fan and enjoys following the local pro teams.


Yorgo Kennos, Intern

Yorgo joins OunceIT as an intern, an undergraduate student at UMass Lowell. He brings with him his skills learned working at the University IT Department, and experience modding and exploring various tech. His recent passion for code has him thinking about ways he could implement scripts or functions to make his life easier and make more time for things he loves. In his free time he enjoys watching soccer (football), rock climbing, hiking, reading, and playing guitar.


Remington Maunders, Operations Associate

Remington joined OunceIT following the completion of her MBA from Clark University and BBA from Dakota State University. With previous experience working in the Cyber Security industry as well as the Banking industry, she brings a unique perspective to the Operations department at OunceIT. In her free time, Remington is passionate about powerlifting, puzzles, and hunting. Originally from South Dakota, her midwestern roots are to blame for her work ethic, dedication, and collaborative emphasis.


Chris Reid, Technician

Chris, a veteran of the Navy, also has an extensive background in electronics and engineering. Having completed his Bachelor's in Business and Information Technology from Framingham State University, Chris has joined OunceIT to pursue his passion of working in IT. In his off time, Chris is passionate about spending time with his three-year-old daughter, new technology, games, hiking, and traveling.


You have a driving interest in I.T. but it is not what defines you. We will be taken by your character and personality when we meet you, and while you have some professional I.T. background, you are looking for a position that will allow you to evolve and for your skills to improve. You have a story; a skill or a passion outside of technology. You are genuinely interested in joining our team. See what positions are available and tell us how you might contribute to the team on our "jobs" page, and then follow the instructions in the job description to apply!